troll grave megalithic burial mound turf house sod house bard algol



mushroom hunting troll elf goblin forest moss



Verminaard dungeon synth cover art by Bard Algol of Cernunnos Woods

VERMINAARD – Wardens of a Light-Starved Realm (Cover)


Frankenstein portrait by BardAlgol.com

Frankenstein portrait in acrylic on laser cut wooden panel


The Bride of Frankenstein portrait by BardAlgol.com

Bride of Frankenstein portrait in acrylic on laser cut wooden panel


necromancer skeleton wizard crystal ball pentagram bard algol

Spellcaster (Available)


TENGGER CAVALRY Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2015 reissue cover)


ripsnorter hardcore skull cross bones bard algol

RIPSNORTER Hardcore design used for T-shirt, Patch & Pins


the catch old fisherman skull bard algol

THE CATCH old fisherman’s skull


Cruachan I Am Warrior

CRUACHAN I Am Warrior demo reissue cover


Mercyful Fate King Diamond and Nun

THE VAMPIRE & a nun having some fun


barbarian skull conan axe mongol warrior bard algol



demon warrior inverted cross sheild axes bloodstain bard algol

Iron Tyrant (Available)


Slave To Metal

Slave To Heavy Metal Original size 2 x 3 inch ACEO card


pagan moon skull trees bard algol

Pagan Moon (Available)


Ork warlord totem teeth bard algol

Orc Warlord (available)


skull and cross bones banner bard algol

Skull & Crossbones (available)


coven sadist assassin grand magus bard algol

Cult Leaders (available)

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