The following pieces are available for use on your album cover, book cover, poster or other needs.
Use the Contact Form to license the non-watermarked high resolution file or to arrange a custom artwork commission.

baba yaga by bard algol sepia tone forest swamp witch
Baba Yaga $200

Hymn of the Stone painting by Bard AlgolHymn of the Stone $150

Brimstone Castle by Bard AlgolBrimstone Castle $150

Sweet Dreams by Bard Algol sleeping girl roses castle tower
Sweet Dreams $150

Mound Trolls by Bard Algol cairn tomb
Mound Trolls $200

Legendary Tales by Bard Algol dragon armoured knight in shining armor fairy tales childrens bookLegendary Tales $150

Celtic Helm by Bard Algol skull helmet knotwork stone spear flagsCeltic Tribes $100


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